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Client Reviews

"I’m really excited. I feel that our last session brought a lot of peace to my heart, especially when it comes to being a mom. Before we spoke, I worried about my abilities constantly. The past few months have been transformative.  I feel much more aligned". -Emily Z. 

"I'm so happy to share my experience, because it was so awesome.  Instantly, communication increased with people around me.  I felt good.  I felt lighter and like I had had a giant hug".  -Emily Z.


 "I went to bed last night feeling clearer than I've felt in a long time, and I woke up this morning knowing that I can trust my inner knowing. That, as you know, is a huge deal!"  - Shannon S.


"Thank you, Ellen, for such a wonderful session yesterday! It was very enlightening to know what is going on with my little guy! Thanks for your insight into his world! What you do is so incredibly helpful to parents and caregivers! I wish everyone knew about the gift you have to give!"  - Leigh W.


"I feel very blessed to have found Ellen.  The experience of delving into and clearing my Akashic record has been life-changing in terms of helping me heal in areas I could not have voiced adequately before and helping me to trace a path forward towards the goals I have been pursuing in my heart for longer than I really had known before.  I feel incredibly hopeful and optimistic about the future now.  Ellen has empowered me in so many ways and allowed me to re-embrace my sense of purpose with my whole heart."   - Joanna S.


"Ellen has a very gentle nature.  She put me at ease with everything, and I could relate everything we discussed to my current situations in life."   -Terri O.


Ellen's input was accurate and so very helpful, as it explained me some aspects of my life that were like a ''puzzle without any instructions''.      -Cristina T.


"Since Ellen has cleared the energy in my home, the atmosphere has been lighter and warmer, much more like the kind of home I had always envisioned for myself and my family when we moved in.  My little boy is no longer afraid of certain areas of the house, and on the night Ellen did the clearing, he slept better in his room than he had since we moved here.  The whole house seems like it is brighter and filled with light, as if it pulls us towards peace rather than towards conflict or feeling sick or confined.  It's been a wonderful, palpable change."   - Joanna S.